Healing begins within…if we choose to…what will you choose…

Pamela Larocque, Social Worker BSSW


 Author of ” Ryken’s Journey”  @ www.pamelalarocque.com

Integrated Energy Therapist Master Teacher

Reiki Practioner Master Teacher

email: larocquepamela@gmail.com

My  career as a Social Worker began in 1997 at the Department of Social Services in Saskatchewan involving in-home  therapeutic counselling and addressing family dynamics, seperation/divorce/adoption concerns, addictions, codependency and abuse issues.  In 2003 My husband and I became parents of an earth angel so I understand and have experienced all that comes with parenting and child rearing.  I have a vast understanding of the cycle of grief due to our family’s own loss in 2005 of our second  son who left earth at the age of 2 months less six days.  Ryken had a rare genetic condition known as NKH and resides in heaven now.  I have a deep appreciation and am full of gratitude at the blessing of our last child in 2008 who has made our family complete.  Everyone has their own life purpose and soul mission to complete as they journey in this lifetime.

I have found my life purpose of helping others heal through a combination of counselling and energy sessions while using my own trials and tribulations of my life experiences.

” My core belief is the key to happiness lies within you.” 

“Finding the inner strength to look within is where healing begins.”  

“Understanding that we are her to learn some important life lessons is the key to unlocking our pain and finding peace and joy again.”

Reiki energy for me as a healer is like my “first love”,  my very first experience with energy work.  A few years later when I was introduced to the Integrated Energy Therapy, I had found my “soulmate” of energy work.  It truly resonates with me and my spiritual beliefs.  I use both daily in my own life and would not be who I am without each of these healing modalities.

Reiki’s primary gift is physical healing.  Reiki uses a “laying on of hands” for treatment.  Reiki is a tool for reducing stress and allowing our bodies to heal through the use of “universal life energy”.

Integrated Energy Therapy, IET, is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  The healing vision of IET is “integrating the pain of the past, into the healing power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future.”  IET uses certain pressure points on the body where energy is stored at the cellular level.  With the use of a slight finger pressure,  Integrated Energy Therapy is unlocking you from your emotional blocks of guilt, distrust, shame, heartache and betrayal, resentment, anger, stress and powerlessness and fear, so you can find your life purpose and travel down the road to your soul’s mission towards trust, spiritual pride, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, ease, safety, peace, joy and serenity.

I use my personal and professional life experiences along with the healing energy I have been attuned with and assistance from the archangels to help you achieve the life you want.

Healing Sessions and Classes:

For more information regarding healing sessions, long distance healing sessions and classes offered please call  403-995-9602.

In person and long distance healing sessions are one hour and the cost per hour is $125.00.  

Anytime after the hour will be charged accordingly.

Class prices for courses on “Integrated Energy Therapy” and “Bridging Self to Soul”  vary so call for those details.  Learning these modalities will allow you to heal yourself and your family.   That is the gift of taking these classes.  You may be a healer already and are seeking another healing modality.  I would love the opportunity to teach, guide and mentor you on your own journey.


In person healing sessions…

“Pam, you are without question the most gifted and well qualified energy worker, coach and spiritual intuitive healer that I have ever met. Your counsel proves and has proven to be invaluable in my personal and spiritual growth. Your dedication to humanity and serving the growth of people is simply in your DNA. My personal life performance has increased 1000 plus percent. My own intuition, thoughtfulness towards life and mankind has increased to the same magnitude.”

– Dale Leicht – CEO First Merchants Capital Inc.

Long Distance healing session testimonial…

“I contacted Pam, when I was going through one of those major transitions in life where, everything, in my physical world was changing…new job, move, this resulted in the ending of one the most fundamental intimate relationships in my life…Pam has shown me profound love, through her compassion, positive regard, telling me the truth of what it takes to go the way, my soul and heart’s desire long for. Her gentle, voice has never failed to be a healing balm that brings me deep into the healing reservoir with in me. She has encouraged me and offered me healing in emergencies, when I was so in need. I can not say enough about her integrity, guidance, wisdom and light~”

– Christine, USA, Holistic RN

In person and long distance combined healing sessions testimonial…

“Since October of last year, I’ve had four or five sessions with Pam. I have noticed such amazing results so quickly, well instantly really. The first few times I worked with her I was working on a specific relationship that had been bad for many years. After just one session I was able to talk to this person in a normal, more respectful way. The relationship by no means was awesome but it truly made a difference and each session after helped even more. I had been experiencing pain in my tailbone since shortly after the delivery of my third child which is almost a year ago now. In my last session with Pam, I brought this up and we focused on it. I haven’t had even the slighest pain in my tailbone since. These things are definately amazing but on top othat I feel so much clamer, relaxed and intune with myself after speaking with Pam.  She is truly an amazing, kind person who does what she does because she sees the difference she is making in people’s lives. Thank you Pam.  I am grateful to have you in my life.”

– Lindsay, Saskatchewan, Kiniesiologist, Young Living Independent Distibutor

Helping you to Awaken and Affirm your Authentic Self

“Life is about releasing old patterns and resentments, embracing the life lessons learned and stepping forward to the path of love, joy and abundance while allowing your inner light to shine.”

Namaste…. Pamela Larocque

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